Allie’s Special Hypnobabies Birthday Baby

Hypno-mom Allie holding swaddled newborn baby with a blue bow in her hospital bed

Allie’s Special Hypnobabies Birthday Baby

“On our way to the hospital, I began to deepen my hypnosis and REALLY was digging it.”

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I was 41+1 when I had my NST. I’m an FTM and could never answer with certainty that I had been experiencing any practice waves, so I was anxious to watch the monitor during the test to try and learn the feeling. Sure enough, my body was gearing up! Small 10-second waves (Hypnobabies word for contraction) showed up and the team said we should prepare. Hubby and I enjoyed some brunch across town and took our time going home and making sure the car was packed and that we were ready. I thought my waves were growing in intensity and just taking their time, so I decided to just enjoy the process and my husband while we still had time to run around town and chat about life, etc.

My waves stopped completely.

The following morning, I woke to what I suddenly had full confidence were waves and began timing them to find they were almost exactly 8 minutes apart and 1 minute long at 5 AM. Was this really time?! Again, I woke Hubby up and let him know to take his time and enjoy the morning, but to go ahead and get up and start preparing for the day. When we were both ready and trying to gauge what our day should consist of; I kept timing everything the best I could.

My waves stopped completely again.

The next morning when I woke at 4 AM with new, shorter waves that I knew were birthing time (Hypnobabies word for labor) waves, I waited a little longer to wake Hubby up, but they were 6 minutes apart and 1 minute long this time with consistency as well.

We repeated our same “routine” one more time, although it was my birthday, so we went for an even nicer brunch 😂

When we got home I started timing again and everything was still good. Afraid of altering my mindset to speed it up too much, I did not start my Hypnobabies tracks, which was absolutely a mistake! I knew I wanted to have a calm day before my birthing time so I was trying to hold out as long as possible, but I think I ended up distracting myself instead of honing in and giving in to what my body was trying to do.

Realizing I messed up, at 1:30 PM we went for a walk and walked for about an hour and a half. We went home and I took a shower, started my birthing day tracks, and tried to pump just a little to see if we could get some progress and consistency in waves. I had a rush of emotion and called Hubby over. He said he felt like God wasn’t going to give us our girl until we prayed together about it. We snotty-cried prayed, and then he decided to run and get me something to eat. A few minutes later, God answered us with a resounding “Yes!” when my waters broke and he had to get out of the drive-thru to come back and take me to the hospital.

On our way to the hospital, I began to deepen my hypnosis and REALLY was digging it. I was having a hard time staying in super well because of the intake process, but, I powered through and ultimately hadn’t truly needed my hypno-anesthesia yet. Just about the minute we got settled into the low intervention suite and my saline lock placed/fetal monitor on, I felt my entire being surrender and everything took off at hyper speed! I consciously listened to tracks up until I was about a 6 (admitted at a 4/90%), and then just used what techniques I could up until pushing time when my doula started Pushing Baby Out (Hypnobabies track just for pushing). As any mom would agree, you get a little primal once you hit 9/10 and I remember using the nitrous to be a physical reminder to focus on my breathing and definitely benefitted from the depth of breathing I had learned through Hypnobabies.

There were only 5 hours from the time we walked into the ER to the time I had LO in my arms. I can definitely say I did not experience a pain free birth, but I also want to admit I tried to expedite the process a little while studying, so that’s the kind of results I got (This is me agreeing to my mistake and also reminding everyone that the ladies here built an amazing program and you can only expect the results you earn by doing it the way it’s taught).

The way my baby came to meet me was a DREAM.