Aishah’s Hypnobabies Change of Plans C-Section

Aishah’s Hypnobabies Change of Plans C-Section

“I woke up holding my beautiful son in recovery. Despite everything that happened I’m thankful that I was prepared to advocate for myself and calm myself down with what I learned using Hypnobabies.”

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My birthing time (Hypnobabies term for labor) began on 6/18 at 41+1. I woke up 6/18 with some mild cramps and they felt different from the other times so I knew he would be coming soon. I also had a doctor appointment that day and was only 1 cm dilated and based on the feelings I was a little disappointed because I thought I’d be further along. My doctor said she didn’t even want me to leave the office and wanted to send me to the hospital to be induced. But we don’t birth by numbers and I trusted my baby knew his birthday.

I received tons of push back for asking questions about being induced, what it would look like for me and the different methods. I had to stand my ground and say I will choose when and if I get induced. They told me that it is malpractice for them to let me go this long and that they would hate for something to happen to my baby and that he’s getting big .

I went home in tears from having to defend myself despite trying to summon my Bubble of Peace (Hypnobabies tool to help keep negativity away). Later that night the cramping turned into full on waves (Hypnobabies term for contractions). They were slightly irregular in regard to timing but then started coming quicker and quicker. I put on Easy First Stage (Hypnobabies main birthing track) and laid in the bed, as soon as I was about to drop my finger a wave hit, and it threw me off. I got uncomfortable laying down and got on my ball. I kept trying to get into hypnosis and couldn’t. So, I was just screaming through my waves not managing them at all. After about 2 hours we decided to go to the hospital after I started vomiting since my doula said that was a sign, I was close.

When we got to the hospital, they checked me in and I was at 7 cm. I felt really proud that I made it that far at home. But the discomfort was not manageable, so I chose to get an epidural. After the epidural things slowed down drastically. My birthing time stretched all the way through the day and night of 6/19. My nurses and doula were amazing. They helped me use different positions to help bring baby down and work through my waves. I was able to move around the room with the epidural and sit on the cub seat.

The doctors kept trying to give me Pitocin to speed the birth time up but every time they offered to get me to a milestone I asked for more time to get there naturally and I did while listening to the tracks. When it came time to push the discomfort reached a new level. I also had to scold a doctor for trying to force me to lay on my back and push while she examined me. My doula calmed me down and took care of the situation and let me know I could choose who does the checks and if I want to do them. Later I found out pushing was not progressing because of how the baby was positioned, his head was stuck on my side. and at this point it was too late to do anything about it since I had been pushing for three hours. and I was ready to get baby out and gave in to a c section.

I was really sad, and everything happened so fast before I knew it I met my baby and was sad I couldn’t hold him because I was shaking so terribly from the adrenaline and hormones. While on the table when they were putting me back together, I started to have a panic attack from it taking so long after baby was pulled out and them pushing my insides around. But I remembered the Peace cue (Hypnobabies cue for instant physical comfort) and started repeating the birthing affirmations from memory in my head, and did the finger drop and fell asleep for the rest of the surgery.

I woke up holding my beautiful son in recovery. Despite everything that happened I’m thankful that I was prepared to advocate for myself and calm myself down with what I learned using Hypnobabies. Sorry my story isn’t the beautiful peaceful story so many others have had but I’m already looking forward to my next baby so I can get a birthing do over.  Here’s my son Honor-Malik and I on his birthday 6-20.