Adriana’s Powerful Hypnobabies Home Birth

Hypno-mom Adriana with her head bowed holding her newborn baby covered in vernix

Adriana’s Powerful Hypnobabies Home Birth

“I definitely felt powerful during my pushing waves and even though it didn’t go perfectly, it still was a much more calm and comfortable birth thanks to Hypnobabies ✨💖”

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So, this was our second birth and hypno-baby, our first being at a birth center. Since my first birth was 3 days early and only 4 hours total I assumed my next birth would be the same.

I prepared myself mentally for a quick powerful birth that would come early but soon realized that every birth is unique and perfect in its own way.

Starting at 39 weeks I was having a lot of “practice” birthing times (Hypnobabies word for labor) lasting about 8-10 hours but then would sizzle out and stop. This gave me a lot of doubt and worry that the Fear Clearing (Hypnobabies special track to release fear) and Come Out Baby (Hypnobabies track to encourage baby to be born) tracks helped resolved by the time I gave birth.

At 40+4 at 3 am I started feeling birthing waves (Hypnobabies word for contractions) that just felt different from the ones I was feeling before, at about 9 we called my midwife and photographer to start heading over as they were getting much more powerful and closer together. I was under hypnosis the entire time and that truly helped me feel calmer and more relaxed as the waves grew stronger.

At about 11 I felt the need to get in the tub, as we were planning on having a water birth. I wasn’t pushing yet, but my body felt like it was soon and so I listened to my body and got into the tub once it was prepared.

I started feeling pushing waves in the tub but doubted myself for a second as my water hadn’t broken. With my first, my water broke first and then I went into my birthing time.

My midwife encouraged me to listen to my body and I started playing my pushing tracks out loud and was now pushing. The waves were extremely powerful, much more powerful than my first, and I was pushing for a lot longer than with my first. I remember there was a part where Kerry said something like “you may make sounds like a karate master” and my husband said I really did start sounding like a karate master 😂

They became so powerful I did start experiencing feelings of pain and I do feel ashamed to admit that as with my first I felt absolutely no pain, but this time I couldn’t say it was pain-free. My midwife soon realized my baby was en caul (Still in amniotic sac), and her shoulder was stuck on my pelvis, with both of her hands at her face. She acted quickly and had me get out of the tub and onto all fours, which I calmly and quickly listened which I attribute to being in hypnosis, and the midwife had to reach in to get my baby out.

It was such a happy and relieving moment to finally hold my baby in my arms that we had been waiting for. She was our baby we waited for, taking 7 months to conceive and a few days “later” than her guess date. I definitely think hypnosis kept me calmer and more comfortable than I would have been, I know before pushing I was extremely comfortable and felt so powerful. I definitely felt powerful during my pushing waves and even though it didn’t go perfectly, it still was a much more calm and comfortable birth thanks to Hypnobabies ✨💖