Amazingly Beautiful Hypnobabies Birth Even With a Change of Plans

“I so enjoyed listening to the Deepening Your Hypnosis track and going to my special, safe place with Charlie.”

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Our sweet girl Charleston Liv Dunn – “Charlie”- was born April 13th at 3:30 in the morning. She is perfect and all things wonderful and we are all doing well

Our birthing story: My water broke two Tuesdays ago at 6:30pm. Pressure waves did not start until 12:30 am. They were quite close together and regular throughout the night and I so enjoyed listening to the Deepening Your Hypnosis track and going to my special, safe place with Charlie.

My husband I went to our birthing center at 8 am the next morning, calm and peaceful. When we got there, I was at 3cm but my pressure waves were only lasting 30 seconds.

My midwife was wonderful and worked with us to help me progress naturally. I did 8 hours of pumping/nipple stimulation, herbs, clary sage and walking. After 8 hours, I was still only dilated to 3 cm and pressure waves were still only lasting 30 seconds on average. They would progress to 1 minute apart and then stop completely and we’d have to start nipple stimulation all over again.

This time was special to me- my tracks helped so much and I loved the affirmations around the room. My bubble of peace was such a comfort as our plans to be at the birthing center quickly changed and I was transferred to the hospital. At this point my water had been broken for almost 24 hours.

Once at the hospital, I was given the lowest dose of Pitocin and worked my way up to a higher level. Pressure waves were strong and close together at this point, but after several more hours, I was still only dilated to 5 cm.

At this point, I had been having pressure waves for 22 hours. I was exhausted! The nurse let me know that they had to give me the highest level of Pitocin and that Charlie had to be born soon because my water had been broken for so long already.

My body was so tired that at this point I requested an epidural. Her heart rate dropped dramatically a couple times after this and I was given oxygen- scary moments- but my bubble of peace was so helpful during this time. After almost 2 hours of pushing, our little girl was born.

This was not our birth plan- but it was a beautiful lesson and reminder that we are not in control all the time. And although I did not have her naturally, I KNOW Hypnobabies was the reason I was able to try for 22 hours and it helped keep me calm and truly at peace about everything.

Everyone at the hospital was wonderful and our midwife was able to still be the one to catch Charlie and hand her to me which was so special! And although not how I had envisioned my birthing time, it was an amazingly beautiful experience because it brought us our sweet girl and we are both healthy and doing well!