40 Reasons To Give Baby 40 Weeks Of Pregnancy

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40 Reasons To Give Baby 40 Weeks Of Pregnancy
by Fiona Peacock

Hypnobabies believes it is best to let babies decide their birthdates.  Here is some great information on why it is important to give babies all the time they need to gestate!

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123 Mom 14 Reading Making NotesIn recent years, some women have been electing to have their babies born early for non-medical reasons such as convenience or the fear of a big baby. This worrying trend leads to a plethora of increased risks of health problems for the baby.

Please note that some women may be advised to have their baby before term due to health complications, for example preeclampsia, this article is not aimed at those women. This article is for women and their partners considering scheduling the birth for theirs or their doctors convenience.

If your midwife or doctor recommends having your baby before 39 weeks, question whether there is a problem with yours or baby’s health that would make this necessary, and find out if you could wait until you are as close to 39 weeks as possible.

So, before you decide to induce (without genuine medical necessity), here’s 40 reasons to give your baby 40 weeks!

Important Things To Remember:

#36: Your due date could be out by up to two weeks, since due dates are worked out based on averages (a 28 day cycle and ovulation on day 14) and full term is classed up to 42 weeks of pregnancy. Give your baby extra time in the womb to finish maturing. What you think is 38 weeks could actually be 36.

#37: Trust your baby to decide when she’s ready to join the world. She knows best.

#38: Babies aren’t convenient. They throw up as soon as you’ve finished dressing them, they poop as you’re walking out the house, and they want to breastfeed as soon as the window cleaner shows up. You may as well get used to the inconvenience now — you’ve got a lifetime of it ahead.

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