3rd Time Mom Carissa Achieves First Natural Birth with Hypnobabies

hypno-mom and newborn

3rd Time Mom Carissa Achieves First Natural Birth with Hypnobabies

“After 10 minutes of pushing on my knees, resting my upper body on the head of the bed, I heard them say ‘it’s a girl!’ ”

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I waited 41 weeks and 6 days to get to post this and I couldn’t be happier to announce our baby girl and such a beautiful birthing thanks to Hypnobabies. This is my third baby; first with Hypnobabies, first without an epidural, and first with midwives instead of OBGYNs. IF (big if) there is a fourth baby, I will 100% want to do it this way over the other. I just feel really grateful that I had the chance, and everything went more smoothly than I could have every hoped for

Early Tuesday morning around 3 am, I wasn’t sure if I was having cramping from the membrane sweep the day before or if it was in fact birthing waves (Hypnobabies term for contractions). You would think by now I could tell the difference, but after waiting the extra almost 2 weeks, it felt like it might never happen. By 4 am, I knew it was really my time and my husband called my mom to come over for my older kids. I started listening to Your Birthing Time Begins track (Hypnobabies reminder of all the tools for birthing) and Birthing Day Affirmations.

I felt good after listening to it once through and my mom arrived, so we laid in my bed together and chatted. I felt very calm and happy but kept the adrenaline in check—plus I had been awake since 2 am so I was very tired. Around 9 am we decided it was time to drive to the hospital since it was a 30 min commute. When we got to triage, I was at 6 CM. Could not believe it. I felt the waves becoming more powerful, but used my Peace cue (Hypnobabies cue for instant physical comfort) and stopped walking the halls when we were moving from the ER entrance to L&D.

I would close my eyes and my husband would know it was his cue to press down on my forehead (Relax cue to deepen hypnosis). During one wave, they had me laying down for a Covid test. That was a real treat, but again, manageable because of my tracks and my husband’s Relax cue. By the time we got to our room, I decided to get in the shower. My husband sprayed the hot water on my low back, which was amazing, and after an hour, I started to feel the urge to squat and push down.

The midwife checked me and sure enough it was pushing time! I tried to explain to my husband how to put on the track “Pushing Baby Out” (Hypnobabies track just for pushing) but I wasn’t making much sense and he wasn’t familiar with my Dropbox on my phone. He found it and I tried to get back in, but I lost focus on the tracks and just continued to moan the Peace cue during birthing waves. After 10 minutes of pushing on my knees, resting my upper body on the head of the bed, I heard them say “it’s a girl!” All 9 lbs, 1 oz and 21” of her!

The nurses and midwives were so sweet and told me how great I did and were SO interested in what I was doing and why I wasn’t screaming or complaining. They said it’s the type of birth they wish they could attend all the time. And I know for a fact that Hypnobabies was a main reason for this beautiful experience! I hope anyone who is reading this who doubts themselves or the program for even a second finds some strength from reading this. I certainly loved reading all the birth stories in the past months and they gave me confidence to have this comfortable and perfect experience. Good luck to all the hypno-mommas getting ready to meet their babies