2nd Time Mom Uses Hypnobabies and Yoga to have a quick and comfortable birth!

Hypno-Mom Karen, a Hypnobabies mom that used our Home Study Course shares her birth story:

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“Hypnobabies encourages you to think about what kind of birth you’d like. Down to even how long you’d like it to be. I knew my mom, sister, and her kids were going to be in town so I pictured laboring at my in-laws, who I also knew were going to be out of town. I wanted to labor during a week day because then I knew my son would be in daycare, a routine and familiar place for him. That was comforting to me. I also wanted the whole labor and birth process to take 6-8 hours.  And so, this is how it happened.

 My family arrived on Saturday, 2 days before my guess date. (I went 11 days passed my guess date with my son, so I was expecting for this one to go long passed the date as well).  I wasn’t feeling a thing. Sunday I started to see a bloody show, but nothing else. Sunday night, I woke up every hour to use the bathroom and I was feeling pressure, but nothing strong.

I noticed in the morning that pressure waves were 10 min apart. My husband and I were both planning on working since it was Monday, but I decided to drop our son off at daycare and then go to his parent’s house to see if they were going to progress. I wanted to be alone with my husband in an air-conditioned house – we don’t have a/c and it was a HOT July 23rd day. I started listening to the “Fear Clearing” CD, and then the “Birth Day Affirmations” CD. I was feeling really calm and relaxed. Pressure waves were getting stronger, but lasting only 40-45 seconds long. They were about 5-9 min apart, but with no pattern. I labored on birthing ball, practiced yoga moves, and I would breathe through every wave. They all felt great and I felt strong and positive, as I listened to the hypnosis CDs. I labored like this from 9:30am-12:30pm. I ate and drank in between and walked around the house as well; letting my body go limp whenever I could. My husband read a book he was totally into, so we were both happy.”

(Editor’s Note: One key to getting the most out of Hypnobabies is actively using the tools, just like Karen did!)

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