2nd Time Hypno-Mom Sable’s Empowered Hospital Birth

Hypno-mom sitting in hospital bed holding newborn with fist in the air

2nd Time Hypno-Mom Sable’s Empowered Hospital Birth

“When the nurse came back, we weighed and measured him and found out that he was 10Ibs 1oz. I couldn’t believe it! This birth was so different from my first. Even though this baby was a pound heavier than my first born, I felt like pushing him out was easier and that the whole process was just so much quieter and calm.”

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Hypno-couple in masks due to CovidDuring the week leading up to the birth, I was starting to get a bit anxious and stressed. My first son was born a week before his guess date (Hypnobabies term for due date) and I was having a hard time accepting that this baby had not yet come and that I had almost no signs of my birthing time (Hypnobabies term for labor). During the week before my due date, I had a few random practice birthing waves (Hypnobabies term for contractions) but had not even lost my mucus plug. There were several moments when I thought I might begin my birthing time but then waves would slow down and stop. My first son’s birthing time lasted several days and progressed very slowly, so it was frustrating to me that this birth had not started. I even purchased the Hypnobabies “Come Out Baby” (Hypnobabies track to encourage baby to be born) track and started listening to it on Wednesday before my birthing time began on Saturday night.

On Saturday night, I was having some very minimal practice waves and told my husband that it could be tomorrow, or it could be a couple days from now, I just wasn’t sure. We ordered take-out from our favorite restaurant in town and watched a movie together after our toddler went to bed. I told my husband that I was sure that my birthing time would not begin that night, that we definitely had time because nothing was happening. My guess date was the next day. We turned on our “Fear Clearing” track  (Hypnobabies track for releasing fear) to listen to as we went to bed and laid down. It was about 11:00 pm. As soon as the track began, I felt a strong pop and new immediately that my water had broken. I told my husband, we both jumped out of bed and I rushed to the bathroom. As soon as I sat down on the toilet, a gush of fluid came out and with it was mucus and bloody show. I called my midwife and explained what had happened and she told me to slowly prepare and plan on meeting her at the hospital within the next couple of hours.Hypno-mom cuddling with newborn in hospital bed

My husband and I began to pack the last minute things we needed to pack, unfortunately we had A LOT to still pack because we thought my birthing time would progress slowly like it did with our first child. This is not what happened. Within an hour, my pressure waves had already become longer and stronger and we realized that we needed to hurry and make our way to the hospital. We had called my mom to come up from 2 hours away to stay with our toddler and soon realized she wouldn’t make it, so we called my sister to come over and wait at our house until my mom got here.

When my sister arrived, my husband was rushing around the house trying to get things together and I was trying to finish a few last-minute things like folding laundry and cleaning dishes. My husband kept insisting that we head on to the hospital and I kept saying that we had time. Eventually, I listened, and we headed out the door. In the car, I listened to my track with my headphones while my husband drove us to the hospital. By that time, my waves were getting much stronger and more intense. I later found out that my husband drove like a crazy person to the hospital, running red lights and speeding, haha.

Hypno-mom and newbornWe arrived at 1:00 am. When we arrived, we grabbed our things, put on our masks and walked into the hospital. I was nervous and not sure what I expected because of COVID-19. Honestly, there was nothing different, except that everything was very quiet, and we had to wear a mask. The night guard simply told us where to go and we headed up to the birthing center. Once we arrived, I checked in and they asked me to wait in the waiting area while they finished getting our room ready. I didn’t have to go to Triage but was able to go straight to our birthing room. Once we got in our room we started unpacking and getting things set up.

Our doula arrived shortly after and our midwife entered the room with our tub to begin setting things up. I introduced myself to the nurse, who had experience with Hypnobabies, and they started doing some of the basic tests to make sure everything was ok. After this, it was all a bit of a blur. My pressure waves were getting pretty intense and I was feeling a lot of discomfort in my back. Once they finished an initial 20-minute monitor to make sure the baby’s heart rate was ok, I was able to get in the birthing tub and never had to use the monitor again. They were able to monitor intermittently. By the time I got in the tub, I felt like transformation (Hypnobabies word for transition) was already starting to happen. The waves were strong and long and intense, and I was feeling a lot of discomfort.

After what seemed like a very short time, I began to feel the urge to push and it happened so naturally. The midwife told me I could stay and push in the tub, but if the baby was born in the water the hospital pediatricians might have extra tests they would want to run and extra monitoring they would want to do. She said as long as I stood up and birthed him “in the air” we would be all good. I stayed in the tub, but soon wanted to change positions. I felt like this pushing stage was so different from my first child’s because I just tuned into my body and really followed all the cues my body was giving me. I stood up and pushed in the tub squatting for a while, then moved out of the tub and pushed in a full squat for a bit, I finally ended up in the bed on all fours and pushed there.Hypno-mom sitting in hospital bed holding newborn with fist in the air

The whole time we listened to the “Pushing Baby Out” track (Hypnobabies track for pushing) and my midwife and birth team just quietly watched while I led the way. Once my baby started to crown, she told me to reach down and feel his head, not long after that I felt the strongest pushing urge and he was born at 4:01 am. My midwife told me she was passing him underneath me and I grabbed him and raised up on my knees and held him in my arms. At that moment, I felt more powerful and stronger than I ever have in my entire life. I then turned myself around and laid down in the bed and just held him. I was completely aware, I felt great, and was talking to my husband and nurses like nothing had happened, I had so much adrenaline.

Hypno-mom and partner kissing her cheek while holding newbornThey let the cord pulse for several minutes and then my husband cut the cord. I then informed my midwife that I felt like my placenta was coming and I birthed my placenta. The midwife showed me the placenta, and even pulled the sack open so that I could see where my baby had lived for 9 months. It was so incredibly cool. They then stitched up my 2nd degree tear and covered us in blankets and left my husband, new baby, and I alone for 2 full hours. It was glorious!

When the nurse came back, we weighed and measured him and found out that he was 10Ibs 1oz. I couldn’t believe it! This birth was so different from my first. Even though this baby was a pound heavier than my first born, I felt like pushing him out was easier and that the whole process was just so much quieter and calm. I credit this to Hypnobabies and to a birth team that really supported me and what I was trying to do! They allowed my husband and I to set up the room the way we wanted and create a space that made us comfortable. The lights were off the entire time, in fact, my midwife used a flashlight to help her see when I pushed my baby out. I feel like this birth team and birth experience was everything I had ever hoped for and, as my husband keeps saying, that they all just sat quietly and watched as I birthed our baby.Hypno-couple smiling and holding newborn

I will never forget the feeling of holding my son in my arms after he was born, and I will never forget the feeling of empowerment that I had. I hope this encourages other women to know that their bodies can birth their babies and that all births are different and beautiful in their own ways. I have to say that my second hypno-baby was very different from my first, but they were both beautiful stories and they were both my birth stories. I am so thankful for a program like Hypnobabies and for the ways that this program has empowered me and given me tools to have beautiful natural births to two babies! 💚💚✨