2nd Hypnobabies Birth is The Charm!

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megan marshall 2012 22nd Hypnobabies Birth is The Charm!

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Megan Marshall, who teaches Hypnobabies Classes in Las Vegas, NV, shared a blog post of hers with us about one of her Hypnobabies families that had their second Hypnobabies Birth. This Hypno-Mom arrived at the hospital 8 cm dilated (very common for Hypnobabies moms) and had her baby 20 minutes later! The benefits of Hypnobabies hypnosis techniques are many, as Megan shares:

In one of my first classes nearly three years ago, I taught the sweetest couple.  This momma was kind enough to bring her baby over to meet me after he was born and share his birth story with me.  Things didn’t go quite the way they planned, but she had used her Hypnobabies tools beautifully and made informed decisions during her birthing time (which is what I always love to hear from my couples, regardless of how the rest of the birth story goes!).

Fast forward a couple of years, and I got a Facebook message from this sweet Hypno-mom that they had had their second Hypno-baby!  Even better, it was everything she had hoped it could be.  I was walking through the grocery store as I was reading her birth story, and I’m sure anybody who saw me thought I was a little off my rocker because I had the biggest, goofiest grin on my face.  I couldn’t help it–I couldn’t stop smiling.

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She was gracious enough to let me share their story with you (along with some beautiful photos)! 

She said, “After my first birth, I almost felt like it wasn’t possible to have the kind of birth I wanted! It feels awesome to know that my body works great and I did it! I’d love for others to know they CAN have the birth they want.

Things went so quick! I was only at the hospital 20 minutes before Isaiah was born.  Having my first was incredible, but there’s something about natural un-medicated birth.  Amazing!”

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