10 Big Tips For Visiting A New Baby

10 Big Tips For Visiting A New Baby

When a new baby has entered the world, of course you’re desperate to go and have a cuddle. As well as a new baby though, there is also a sleep-deprived, hormonal, potentially very sore mother to think of, who is doing her best to build confidence and self esteem as a new mother.

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Portrait of a mother with her newborn baby

Visitor Rule #1:

Wait To Be Invited New babies are lovely, aren’t they? The newer, the better. Those tiny little toes… oh and their cute wrinkly arms, and the huge, adorable eyes they look up at you with. But that doesn’t mean you can simply drop around unannounced, especially in the early days when baby needs to be in mama’s arms most of all. Frequent breastfeeding is also important, especially in the early weeks, in order to establish a good breastmilk supply. New parents have plenty to deal with without surprise guests turning up. Send a card, email or message congratulating them on the birth, and mention that you’d love to meet the new baby when they’re ready, and then wait to be invited. If you turn up unannounced, mama may be in the middle of a meltdown with leaking boobs, holding a baby she hasn’t been able to settle for hours, while being half dressed and possibly suffering from post-baby blues or even postnatal depression. She might feel really embarrassed and upset if you rock up, seeing her in her most vulnerable state. It can really feel like an invasion of privacy, and definitely not conducive to encouraging future visits. Reduce the pressure she feels by making sure all visits are planned and you arrive on time (she may have timed the visit around those essential naps or when she thinks the baby may feed again) and even make a check-in call before you leave home, to make sure it’s still a good time. This also presents a great opportunity to ask them if you can bring any milk, fruit, nappies, toilet paper or any other essential items that they have run out of.  Read the rest of these tips HERE.


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