10-20-13 – NEW Hypnobabies Birth Stories

Last Monday, we asked our Hypno-Moms on Facebook:

Please share your baby’s birth announcement here, even if your Hypno-BABY is a toddler now!

 We’d love to know baby’s name, gender, date of birth, where you had your baby (home, hospital, birth center), and baby’s stats: weight, length, color of hair or cutest feature, etc. Please feel free to gush about your little bundle!

And, we’d love to hear which hypnosis techniques you used during birth, and the best thing you’ll remember forever about your Hypno-Baby’s birthing! Please share with those who are still infanticipating!

This week’s moms responded:

Suzy H: Our sweet baby girl Cadence Joy was born October 7th! I was planning on doing a water birth at Andaluz water birth center but, got preeclampsia. We had a “change of plans” and gave birth at Legacy Hospital in Portland. I was induced but because of Hypnobabies I was able to give birth without using any pain meds! While it wasn’t what I was expecting, it was still so incredible! Thank you Hypnobabies:)

Camila I: Hey I’m from Chile!! Alma Lucia was born on may 22 , is now 5 months old. This precious lady was born at home with the help and love of my two midwifes, my sister was my doula and my love Pedro. I prepared with Hypnobabies all the way through my pregnancy, but during the birth day ( night actually) I did not use the techniques as much as I thought I would. To me, the most useful and magical part of Hypnobabies was the empowering positive messages, made me so so sure of having my baby at my home so quietly and calm, I have 4 year old twins who were sleeping in the room next door, I spent most of my waves on the hot tub with candles and aromas, she was born on my bed, at 7:20 am. At that precise moment the twins woke up to meet their little sister, such a magical moment. Love you and thank you!

Nichole M: Nina was born on 10/15/13 via a VBAC waterbirth at a birth center! She weighed 7.11 lbs and was almost 21 in long. She is doing great and is the sweetest baby! During my 3 days of labor, I listened to “easy first stage”, which was a huge help, especially during the 3 drives to and from the birth center (which was almost an hour away! ). I found the peace cue very helpful during labor. Hypnobabies helped me stay calm and comfortable. I would absolutely use it again!

Susan P: Elizabeth was born 9/22/11 @ 3:56 PM, born in the hospital after 2 days of labor (the last 8 hours were in the hospital), 8 lbs. 19 in. Her most impressive feature was a full head of thick, black hair- looked like a little troll doll, haha! And the hair never fell out, just kept getting longer and thicker. She’s an absolute doll, our pride and joy- we are in the thick of terrible twos but we love being her parents. And she started preschool today! I loved Hypnobabies and would do it again if “again” happens.

Heather C: Joseph was born at our home on September 15th 2013 @ 9:06 am on his due date. My birthing time was a total of 7 hours and only pushed for 45 minutes. Our three midwives were there from South Coast Midwifery who were absolutely incredible and my doula who actually assisted in my birth when I was born. My husband had our birthing time cd playing throughout the entire house and was super helpful!! The 6 weeks leading up to baby Carter’s Birth we had a Hypnobabies instructor come to our house for 6 three hour classes. The thing that helped me the most through my birthing waves was saying “peace” to myself. In the beginning I just moaned and tried relaxing my jaw, then tried the “peace” cue and really made a difference. We will do the very same for our next births because it was such a wonderful experience. Having our baby at home was the most incredible experience! Thanks for everything!!!

Laura M: OMG I wish I wanted more kids because I want to give birth with Hypnobabies again. What an empowering amazing gentle experience birth can be!

Monica S: I birthed Joy Lea on June 27th 2012. Miss Joy was 8 lbs 13 oz & 21.5 in. I listened to stage 1 CD most of her birthing 5am-2pm, then put on the “pushing baby out” CD at 2pm & she came out at 2:23pm. She had a water birth & I remember tickling the top of her head & could feel her move a few times before she came out. It was such a great memory laughing & tickling Joy right before she emerged! I said my cue word “Peace” the entire birthing until the very end when I started counting from 1-5 then back down to 1. It was an easy, painless, calm, incredibly enjoyable experience & I am so thankful to have been enlightened about the possibility of this type of birthing experience when I was. Delivering my own baby & pulling her up to my chest was one of the most empowering experiences I have ever had. Thank you Hypnobabies!